H by Barneys New York

Art Direction / Package Design
April 2018


Research on the cosmetics industry proved that there was a viable initiative for a department store brand to take for the goal of establishing dominance in the premium male skincare market. The project sought to solve the problem of ocean pollution contributed by cosmetic industries while providing a unique male imagery for contemporary male audience to consume.

After going to many different department store brands, Barneys New York came out to have most gender-neutral shopping environment and tried to stay true to luxury. Other department stores capitalize on sales and discounts, but Barneys New York puts in effort to get the latest runway fashion in their stores to sell in full price. The differentiation in marketing and shopping environment of Barneys New York appeared most beneficial and catalystic for this initiative.

There was a lack of diversity regarding the male imagery being promoted in the premium male cosmetics market. Men are portrayed in a trend-driven and ideal manner, which uses lumbersexual and metrosexual lifestyle. By endorsing a highly cultural celebrity with characteristics that reject current male imagery such as Alexander Wang, mysterious, yet charismatic attributes were provided to art direct this project.

Ocean pollution was another problem in the cosmetics industry. This project sought to contribute to help solve that problem by using plastics recovered in the polluted ocean along with a charity campaign supported by Alexander Wang, who was known for participating in charities in the past and it became the deciding factor in choosing the appropriate celebrity that could help our cause. It was for Barneys New York to help save the ocean while elevating itself as a benefit corporation at the same time to claim the notion that luxury can be both desirable and good.

Stylized Photography
The concept and inspiration come from water. These images show the texture and flow of water with interesting camera angles. The forms found in water then transcends to several different patterns to be applied to various products and graphics.

The products are packaged in black glass for protection against sunlight and sustainability. The product logo and the design structure of the caps change depending on the type of product.

Patterns play a crucial role in this design system. Different forms and mood of water and ocean are translated in a poetic way to name each product, then those ideas are developed into patterns to seamlessly communicate the functional properties and emotional effects of the products.

Every Barneys New York store is different. With that in mind, a simple and versatile product shelf is developed. Its presence is quiet, yet confident within Barneys New York's retailing environment. The product display panel on the top is also detachable for some retailing stores where products are displayed in or on top of the glass countertops.

The display panel is integrated with smart surface technology. When the customer picks up one of the products on the panel, the sensor attached to the bottle and panel react and display the information of the product being held along with appropriate motion graphics to make the experience more immersive.

Mobile Application
A mobile application can be used with H products. All the products are dispensed by using pumps. This was to reduce the product from coming in contact with other parts of the body, but also incorporate a system in which the mobile application educates the user to use the products more efficiently and effectively. The mobile application instructs the user to what, when, and how much of a product to use. The amount is also sensitive to the local climate and environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. The application is also loaded with other features such as providing guides to resolve various skin troubles.

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