Meta Vision

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August 2017
Meta is known for making augmented reality products. They combine real world technology with holographic images. Meta headsets are transparent and the real world can be seen through the screen. Meta’s technology doesn’t confine its users in the screens, but lets them be free and natural.

Meta Vision’s previous identity couldn’t communicate their products’ technical prowess and intuitive user experience effectively compared to its competitors. Their brand image was still stuck as a startup company and there was a need to change Meta Vision as an advanced and reliable B2B company while keeping the humanistic values of the brand.
The identity system captures the three design guidelines of Meta to emphasize the humanistic values of the company to drive differentiation and meaningful experiences.

Meta Vision UX Guidelines:
1. The user is the operating system. It goes against traditional file systems which is complex and takes extra steps by the user to decode them.
2. Touch to See. By touching our works inside the augmented reality, user not only can control better, but understand it much more deeply.
3. Holographic Campfire. Meta Vision’s mirror-nueron subsystem suggests that if users can connect with each other and with their work much better if they can see each other’s faces and hands in 3D instead of being distracted by external devices.

This undertaking was extremely important due to the nature of its industry. In a world overwhelmed with rapidly advancing technology, I wanted Meta to stay true to its values and focus on the people rather than advancement and innovation.

Logo Grid Animation
The physical qualities of the logo represent a human figure to show that Meta is a humanistic brand. An eye and a compass can also be seen in the logo, capturing the qualities of technology guiding people to an optimistic future. In a world overwhelmed with rapidly advancing technology, I believed that Meta should stay true to its values and focus on the people rather than technology and innovation.

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