Prea Education

Branding / Strategy
April 2018

Prea Education started out as an after-school music program at a local elementary school in Bloomington, Indiana. Through multidisciplinary education programs, customized curriculums, and implementation of technology, Prea envisions itself as a global music and art education company in the near future. Through extensive collaboration, the founders and I designed a new brand identity that captures the purpose and culture of the brand.

After conducting branding exercises and research, it became apparent that the founders wanted to establish a healthy learning environment that promoted positivity and growth with a result-driven mindset. The new identity is a simple logotype with the letter P representing the shape of a bridge to communicate Prea’s pragmatic qualities and its commitment to become a reliable platform for its stakeholders to get from point A to point B. The new identity communicates the ideas of connection and openness.

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